The Best Christmas Gift

What do you want for Christmas; what’s on your mind?

What if the only thing you wanted for Christmas wasn’t a thing at all? What if the only gift you received this Christmas was relief from ever wanting anything for yourself?

The Son of God was not born into the world to get something for Himself but to do something for us. He came not only to bring forgiveness of sins but to bring the beginning of a remedy for the selfishness and pride that makes us always need forgiveness. He came to give new generation to our souls and thus relief from relentless, insatiable wanting for ourselves.

Who would ever have thought of asking for an end of wanting anything for Christmas except a greater appreciation of what is already ours?

Last week the sole lesson for mid-week Advent service was the story of Hannah; below you’ll find a link to a PDF of the text, along with some questions that the text prompted.  I invite you to consider these questions this Christmas.

Hannah Advent 3 text and questions

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