Rev. Jonathan and Anita Clausing

Dr. Eschelbach knows Jonathan Clausing as the nephew of long time friend and colleague from Concordia Chicago, David Rogner.  Jonathan is carrying out effective mission work in Africa.  Support the Clausings here.

Nathaniel and Carrie Szobody


Nathaniel and Carrie Szbody were Dr. Eschelbach’s students at CUC. Both Nathaniel and Carrie are gifted thinkers and gifted at befriending others, especially on the mission field. Nathaniel has great experience in Chad and is doing remarkable work there.  Support the Szobodys here.

Ron and Roxanne Gebauer


Ron Gebauer was at seminary with Dr. Eschelbach and has been with Wycliffe Bible translators almost ever since. Ron is gifted, both in his linguistic ability and in his deep, enduring determination to put God’s Word into the hands of people in their own language.  Support the Gebauers here.

Support the work of many more missionaries at Mission of Christ.