What is good?

What is good?  What does that word mean?   Red Pyramid world is the product of evolution and is therefore accidental. There is no God or design in creation by which to know what is good. Might makes right. A person has very little time in a strictly material and intensely competitive world; everyone is trying to gather more stuff under them to keep from drowning, even though they know drowning is inevitable. Whatever makes me happy with the greatest intensity more of the time with the least cost or commitment from me is good in Red Pyramid World. What of it?


In Green V world, God’s design in creation determines what and explains why things are good. Good is comprehensive, including all things material and immaterial, in time and in eternity. We have time in a material world to spend on learning that love is the greatest good. We have biblical history and especially a history of the life of Jesus that records and explains goodness. Here one saves one’s life by losing it, finds the greatest gratification in self-sacrifice, and discovers what real power is by subjecting oneself to the service of others according to God’s design.


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