Key Points in Core Theology

Below is an overview of the key points I’ve taught my classes so far in Core Theology. What comments or reaction do you have as you read through these?  I’d value any thoughts.  You can contact me here

  • From eternity, before creation, God has, by means of Christ, reconciled the world to Himself. From this comes the best of all possible worlds.
  • Made in the image of God but not God, Adam fails by contrast, stupidly supposing that controlling others means he is in control and proving his free will.
  • I am conceived within the universe of God’s grace, in the image of God (soul, body, spirit) but infected by Adam’s failure.
  • As an infant, I am at rest in God but unless other circumstances keep me thus, the infection of Adam will make me think that my essence is a free will experienced by control over others.
  • The law (accurate description of how reality works) in all forms impresses upon me my limitations, disabilities, and failure, pressing me from bondage to a red pyramid world into the rest of honesty about dependence on the universal, providence of the God of grace and truth.
  • The grace and truth of God (in all forms) regenerate my soul in the image of Christ. His mind, heart, will, and words become mine; thus, the image of God is restored. I know all things, always do what is right, and repent of the rebellion of the infection of Adam in my body.
  • God confirms truth and grace in my life by all means and experiences, best of all the means of grace (in all forms). My essence and identity as one made in the image of God is restored and God’s Word and Spirit move me to the life of an ambassador of His kingdom while I am in this world; loving God by loving others (neighbor and enemy alike).
  • In time, God delivers me from the infection of Adam by the failure of my human nature, which returns to the dust from which it came.  My soul lives on as it has already, though now without the burden of my body and awaits the end of time—the destruction of this first creation (the science lab), the re-creation of heaven and earth, and the resurrection of the body so that for eternity I will be as Christ is—in life infinite, joy, and fulfillment beyond comprehension; inexhaustible; and substantive.

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