Cinema Sophia

Media is a window into the hearts and minds of people in their culture. Movies are evidence of what people are struggling with, what they are wishing or hoping for, and always have parallels in the Bible. “Cinema Sophia” is the name of Prof. Eschelbach’s ongoing project of watching movies with students and discussing the importance of them. Here are study questions (and often study questions with answers) based on those viewings/discussions. You may use them if you would find them helpful to yourself or your ministry. If you download them for use, please reference where you obtained them, Prof. Eschelbach as the author, and consider making a donation to Word Without Walls for the help the movie study provides.

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A Triumph of Love

All of Me


Babette’s Feast

Batman Begins

Big Man on Campus

Boondock Saints

Bruce Almighty

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Chronicles of Narnia




Dead Poets Society

Deja Vu

Devil’s Advocate

Edward Scissorhands

Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Fight Club

Finding Neverland

Ghost Rider

Gran Torino

My Big Fat Greek Wedding


Hotel Rwanda

The Hunt for Red October

The Incredibles


Major Payne

The Matrix

Muppet Treasure Island

Napoleon Dynamite

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Pirates of the Caribbean

Princess Bride

Secondhand Lions

Speed Racer


The Ultimate Gift

The Usual Suspects

V for Vendetta

Young Frankenstein

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