The tip of the iceberg

The tip of an iceberg is only visible because of what is there but is unseen.  This is the life of a Christian in the Word.

The tip of an iceberg cannot help being visible. This can be seen when Christians gather together as these two passages indicate:
John 4:3—”Many people came to honesty about dependence because of the word of the woman who said, ‘Come, see a man who told me all I ever did.'” How is it that a woman who had been coming to draw water in the heat of the day was now drawing attention to all she had ever done as evidence that Jesus was the promised Savior?
Romans 4:20—”Abraham became stronger in his honesty about dependence as he ‘glorified God,'” meaning, he kept on considering how God consistently did what no one else can or would do,like give life to the dead.

When we come together in public as the church—the tip of the iceberg—we confess our sins because God has and will continue to absolve them. We hear and sing about the things only God can do because this inspires honesty about dependence on Him, where every blessing is found.