Pharoah vs. Little Children

Yesterday’s One Year Bible readings included Exodus 8—9, a record of the contest between God and Pharaoh. God commanded Pharaoh to let Israel go free; Pharaoh refused. In this way, Pharaoh is like the devil, who refuses to free humanity so we might serve God. Pharaoh is also indicative of our own human nature: stubborn, proud, repentant, and fearful for a moment but then repenting of its fear and repentance, climaxing in a hardened heart.

Contrast that with the Gospel lesson from Matthew 19:13-15, describing how little children were being brought to Jesus. These little children and the mothers who brought them are like the body of Christ, the Church, which brings us into the Living Water of God’s Word that blesses us with a regenerate soul, a new heart (Ezek. 36:24ff), and baptism to seal all the promises of God to us (2 Cor. 1:21ff).