What is the Gospel? Part 1

The word “Gospel” is used often by many people. When asked what it means, people generally reply, “The good news!” When I ask students to tell me about that good news, the news is not so good. The news I hear is that people can be saved (potential) if they believe (condition) and have their sins forgiven, period.

This explanation is partially responsible for the almost universal assumption that all religions are basically the same.

The word translated as Gospel in English is “euangelion” = good message. The noun occurs 77 times in the Bible; the verb occurs 77 times as well. The message God has for us is good because it proclaims how God has already saved us and how He continues to work out that salvation in our lives. God has and continues to save us. This is real, actual, good news, literally. Over the next several weeks, this blog will explore the content and goodness of the Gospel.