What is Wicked?

We now know what evil means.  What about WICKEDNESS? Most people assume that “wicked” is just evil of greater magnitude. In Red Pyramid world, because “evil” is what gets in the way of my happiness, wickedness is a kind of evil that really gets in the way or stays in the way, like a god who fails to make me happy according to my will or people who stubbornly refuse to affirm my assertions and preferences.


Wickedness in Green V world is neither logical nor a necessity. Wickedness is of corrupt human invention: evil people who oppose God’s design and think, speak, and do wickedness. Wickedness is a categorical shift beyond evil. Natural disasters are evil and a hardship but nothing like the horrible, abhorrent, despicable, dastardly, unthinkable kinds of harm that people invent to inflict on each other. Falling down and scraping your knee is evil. Consciously inflicting suffering on another person is wicked. A surgeon’s knife does evil but it works for good; a murderer’s knife only does harm, wickedly.  Wickedness is hated by God, opposed by God, and will eventually be overcome by God, either by redemption or abandonment.


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