Need a refresher about this new worldview?

A three-dimensional, Green V world, allows us to make sense of everything we see, hear, and experience in history, in religion, in the Bible, in modern times, and within us.  In my teaching, I’ve found that having a review of the basics of the Green V worldview is helpful, since it is so radically different from how we’re used to seeing things.  Here are some of the basics to keep in your mind:

  • God’s creation is three-dimensional, like the creator.
  • The essence of a human is the soul, which experiences life by way of a physical nature in a physical world in time and is animated by a spirit (Holy or evil).
  • All that happens in this universe is according to God’s will so that we should learn and thus grow into our identity as living beings made in the image of God. The physical world in time is the laboratory where we can learn what is essential for everlasting life; and where we’re able to fail, yet have that failure work for us rather than being catastrophic and irreversible.
  • The spirit that animates us is also an essential experience—evil spirits would control until they destroy us body and soul (a red pyramid crushing the life out of us). OR the Holy Spirit—an extension of God’s green V—that inspires and animates us always and in all ways toward life.
  • God’s Green V universe anticipated the necessity of the devil, world, and corrupt human nature constructing the Red Pyramid world and provided a remedy for it: not only delivering us from it but making that the momentary, light affliction of Red Pyramid world work for us! Thus when God finished His creative work on day six, He rightly said, “It is very good.”


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