Q&A: How to consider current turmoil in the world

Question: What’s your outlook on the current events? Or better yet, the Green V outlook versus Red Pyramid?

Answer: Let’s start with the familiar: the Red Pyramid world.  When considering things from this worldview, most everyone is in this for him/herself, like drowning people all flailing about in different ways, all grasping at different things, but for the same reason. People are very powerfully affected by a sense that life is slipping away or that the threat of losing one’s life is real and near.

The Green V, Christianity X view is the same as any other time or day during our sojourn in this world. What if we thought of ourselves as ambassadors in a foreign land?  A foreign land where the people of that land were subject to the health, economic, and political threat of what is going on.  We would want to offer physical aid in time as much as we were able, without fear and motivated by love. In addition, we would offer asylum and citizenship in our embassy. We would meet people where they are, assist as we are able, and share the existence of and reveal the open door to our kingdom.

2 thoughts on “Q&A: How to consider current turmoil in the world

  1. Wow, such a powerful word for such difficult times. I love how you wrote that we are in a foreign land. It is true, this is not our home, heaven is our home. I feel foreign when I see the hate, violence, killing, and suffering . It is an uneasy feeling for a reason, things are not supposed to be this way. And how much more powerful that when the Church gathers it is our embassy in a foreign land. At the embassy we are safe, familiar, and in America in a foreign country. In the same way our embassy, the church, is our safe place and the Kingdom on earth, not fully realized but still God’s plan on earth for His body, His bride, the people of God, the church. Let us continue to gather and encourage one another in church and even on the days when we cannot gather.

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