Today I noticed something particular about one of the taunts thrown at Jesus during His crucifixion: “He has been and remains honest about dependence on God. Let Him save Him now if He wants” (Matt. 27:43).   (Sidenote: “wants” here is the one that means wanting something no matter what, as referenced in podcast 35.)

Those who reject God and His Word make themselves enemies of the truth and so of their own lives and future. In this text, their demand that God save Jesus now is illustrative of the impatience and short-sightedness of corrupt human nature. God has saved Jesus from before the foundation of the world but first, God wills to save us. God’s Word and Spirit regenerate our souls so that we, with the heart, mind, and cares of Christ are inspired and oriented to be like Him. Since the Word of God has come to us, our regenerate soul has and remains honest about dependence on God. From this grace we give our lives, in love, for the benefit of others at every possible moment – through all the “nows” of life, knowing that God will restore our life to us and increase our life as we learn and practice what it is to be a new creation.

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