Peace amidst life’s storms

What if our situation seems to be getting worse instead of better? What are we to do with news that restrictions are being increased again because of more cases of COVID-19? What are we to do with still no certainty of who our next president will be?

Are these the best of times for appreciating how our Good Shepherd leads us to the quiet waters?

Psalm 1 describes a tree planted by a river: its leaf never fades and it always gives its fruit. The Lord has regenerated our souls by means of the living water of His Word and Spirit. We are, thus, like oak trees that put down deep roots. We grow slowly but daily in the truth and grace of God that is certain and everlasting. We feel the winds of the times in which we live, but are not moved by them, nor blown down, nor blown away. God’s everlasting truth and grace not only make us steadfast through the storms of life, but also inspire us to be a refuge to others. We can listen for the cries of people who are tumbled about by fears, anxieties, and frustrations and we can invite them to join us in the kingdom, peace, and joy of God that is infinite and enduring.

God bless us as His ambassadors. 

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