The Center II

Remember the difference between geo-centric and helio-centric thinking from last week? Another problem with geo-centric thinking is that we tend to think that nothing happens unless we make it happen; as if we are born into an empty space; no history, no creation, nor ancestors, nor God, nor salvation. My life is what I make of it. My life is up to me. My life, my choices; mine all mine. One problem with this thinking is that it robs us of all the life and support that God surrounds us with. Think about God before, beneath, behind, and beyond us, whoever, whenever, and wherever we are. As we are conceived in the womb of our mother, surrounded by our mother, by her life, by those who care for her, in her home, in her neighborhood, in her world with the sun and plants and all that provides life – so we are after we are born. We are not the source of our own life nor do we start with nothing as if we were playing a board game. In every moment of every day we are surrounded with the living God who cares for us, the Son of God redeeming us, and the Spirit of God regenerating and inspiring us. God makes our heartbeat, God makes us breath – even though we give no thought to it. If you ever think or feel like God is far away or absent, feel your pulse; focus on your respiration and remember that only God can make that happen for you. Then look around and think; God makes the sun shine for you, the plants grow, our digestive systems work, our cells regenerate so we heal when hurt or sick. God has preceded us with people who have contributed to our lives and God has prepared a life for us that will contribute to others… and then comes the resurrection and the new heavens and earth where we will be fully aware of God’s grace, love, and presence with us. Like a giant and very green V, the truth brings us to rest in God’s great love and care for us.

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