The Center III

Atheism concludes that there is no God anywhere. Agnosticism concludes that if there was a God we wouldn’t be able to know for sure. Deism concludes that there is a God but far away and uninvolved. Eastertide confronts all of those conclusions with Jesus, God incarnate, risen from the dead and coming among His disciples though they were behind walls and locked doors.

Have you ever thought about the vast, profound, universal, and constant witness God gives of Himself in the context we live in? Just as every human being begins life in the mother’s womb, so every one of us might contemplate how God IS before us, beneath us, behind us, and beyond us. We have an integral place in the history of God’s creative and re-creative work that He has accomplished before us. Every aspect of our daily life is provided for by God beneath us, from the nature of the universe all around us to the nature of our physiology and regenerate soul to His Spirit orienting and animating us. God is behind the scenes, so to speak, making all things work together for good. God is beyond us, drawing us toward Himself, drawing us along the Way He has prepared for us from before creation.

We conclude that the evidence for God, like God Himself, is everywhere. More than that, the evidence for God creates, sustains, and re-creates. The evidence of God is as near and constant as our heartbeat and as vast as the Sun and the very heavens.

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