A remedy for negativity

Who suffers most from being negative? It seems like hard, unhappy work to complain and be critical about others and the way things are because of others. It seems even more difficult to make a case before God that we are justified in being critical of others, especially if we remember that our complaints are actually accusing God of failure. Anyone want to rethink this disposition?

The incarnation of Jesus expanded the Sabbath rest from one day a week to every day, forever. Jesus relieved us from the condemnation of the law by fulfilling the law for us and extending that rest into our lives by regenerating our souls in His image. Now instead of seeing what’s wrong with everyone and everything around us, we see opportunity and need for us to love and serve others. What’s wrong now serves to make evident what would help make things right—not because we have to but because we are free to and gifted to.

Our words to God change from complaint to intercession and requests for God to make us able to help. Our words with other Christians are collaborative, seeking ways and means to make things better instead of worse. This new mindset tends to make us appreciative of what is good already and inspired to build on what is good as a remedy for what is not. Such Christ-consciousness increases as we exercise it and is strengthened by His Word and Spirit.

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