Another idea for Lenten meditation

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the imperative is found in 1 John 2: “Do not love the world or the things of the world . . . because this world and the things of it are passing away.” The meaning of the word “love” used here is “to sacrifice everything for.” Material products of human invention typically take more life from us than they give to us. Conversely, God and everything He gives through nature and the gospel bring life to us. Maybe Lent is a good time to increase our focus on what God gives and how profoundly that supports our life.

Need some inspiration about reflecting on that thought?  Here are some resources that I have found helpful—things that support life by sharing creation and beauty:

  • Monty Don is an English gardener with many wonderful programs, including “Around the World in Eighty Gardens.”  
  • Tim Marlow is an art historian with a series on the great artists.
  • Waldemar Janusczcak is also an art historian but also wonderfully comical
  • Rev. Dr. Richard Zeile is a classmate from seminary and longtime friend; check out his podcasts on Martin Luther’s Evening Prayer.

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