The Reason for Advent

The New Testament includes many imperatives (commands) that are next to impossible for us according to our corrupt human nature, yet something our regenerate soul is doing without hearing the command at all. For example, ” Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus” (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18).

Whoa, give thanks in all circumstances? Yes, and that is something we can give thanks for even more than all the rest. We have a Creator and Redeemer who makes all things work together for good, who does exceedingly abundantly more than we can think or ask.  He has given us the history of Abraham, Job, David, and most of all, His own history in the Gospels, which show us how He makes all things work for good—especially when we think things are not working for good.

The children of God don’t have good or bad days.  We have days of rest and days of challenge—both of them good for us, like a heartbeat.

Advent begins on Sunday and supports our thankfulness because Advent is a season that reminds us that God is not slow concerning His promises. When will God come for us, raise the dead, and begin our life in the paradise of a recreated heaven and earth? We don’t know, but we do know that in the year 2 BC, all the promises from Adam to Abraham and David and the whole Old Testament were fulfilled. As God has been faithful, so He will continue to be. That is the purpose of Advent.

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