When the World Attacks

Have you been noticing recently how loud and abusive people of the sexual agenda are? Have you also wondered why the media, business world, and society in general are promoting and inviting that agenda? What do we make of all this?

Revelation 12 describes how Jesus’ defeat of the devil sent him into a rage against the children of God so that he opened his mouth and spewed out a flood in order to destroy us all. But the earth opened its mouth and swallowed the flood.

We are not the first to wonder at the violent attack of perverse people against the truth and grace of God. Jesus Himself took the worst of that, yet rose from the dead, and lives and reigns eternally. We know the devil attacks so viciously and relentlessly because he has been defeated by Christ. We might also come to understand the vicious and perverse conduct of the world and people in our time with this analogy: consider the violent, desperate behavior of a drowning person—so violent and irrational that the drowning person often kills the one who comes to rescue and then drowns himself.

Psalm 58 speaks about the wicked, full of venom like a serpent that stops its ears and won’t be charmed, even though the charmer works ever so skillfully.

Thus, we do well to be patient and steadfast while we wait for the earth to open its mouth and swallow the rage of wickedness in our time. In addition, we may help the cause of God’s kingdom by remembering our life as ambassadors. We can welcome people who come to us for refuge, and gently and quietly share what God’s kingdom is all about.

Can we also look for opportunities to ask hard questions and cause people to think? For example, my daughter works for a pro-life organization. Her work uses high-profile events to draw attention to the evil of the opposition. If the abortion movement is unprovoked, it is able to communicate its message in subtleties and euphemisms. However, when provoked, the ugly underbelly of their work is revealed, and gives people the opportunity to see that evil exposed by light.

We live in the embassy of God’s kingdom, a place where no one can touch us or do harm (the gates of hell cannot prevail against it, nor can the evil one touch us in our regenerate souls).

God bless and keep us in His Word and grace, secure in His everlasting kingdom of love, and make us wise and faithful ambassadors.

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