Podcast #24: Defining male and female

When you ask people to define what male and female is, they will start with talking about anatomy.  This is a one-dimensional view of life. I invite you to consider male and female through the perspective of a three-dimensional worldview.  Get ready to reset everything you have traditionally thought. https://oembed.libsyn.com/embed?item_id=15227858 Want to read more?  Visit … Continue reading Podcast #24: Defining male and female

Podcast #22: Defining Life and Death

In a one-dimensional worldview, we're used to considering life as only physical, material.  And death is defined as someone's physiology shutting down. A three-dimensional perspective completely changes how we view life and death.  In fact, death is hardly in the equation!  Listen in to learn about the difference. https://oembed.libsyn.com/embed?item_id=15041087 Questions about anything you've heard?  Contact … Continue reading Podcast #22: Defining Life and Death

Changing the direction of the conversation

A three-dimensional worldview provides for Christianity X, which begins with the good message that “God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself.” From before creation, God had accomplished universal redemption.  It is an accomplished fact, the polar opposite of the nearly universal idea in popular thinking that Christianity only gives a person the opportunity … Continue reading Changing the direction of the conversation

Who can be lost?

Green V world allows for Christianity X. Both terms are intended to reverse the direction of questions and conversations, to see the opposite of what we are used to, and to turn things “right side up.” For example, Red Pyramid world, understandably, makes people preoccupied with themselves as physical beings in time. Green V world … Continue reading Who can be lost?

Q&A: How to consider current turmoil in the world

Question: What’s your outlook on the current events? Or better yet, the Green V outlook versus Red Pyramid? Answer: Let's start with the familiar: the Red Pyramid world.  When considering things from this worldview, most everyone is in this for him/herself, like drowning people all flailing about in different ways, all grasping at different things, … Continue reading Q&A: How to consider current turmoil in the world