Podcast: Gen. 8:1-22

https://oembed.libsyn.com/embed?item_id=24510477 Verse one of this passage says that God remembered Noah.  He had never forgotten him.  Rather, when God remembers it means that His Word, will, and promises are going to take effect (consider Jesus’ institution of the Lord’s Supper: “… do this in remembrance of Me.”) Noah tests the receding of the water but … Continue reading Podcast: Gen. 8:1-22

Podcast: Genesis 3:16-24

https://oembed.libsyn.com/embed?item_id=24426921 The consequences of Adam’s corruption are distinct from the punishment that Jesus will endure. For Eve and then for Adam, what once was easy and joyful by God’s creative work is now difficult and painful. The natural consequences of contradicting God’s design are a necessary witness against the human notion that we would make … Continue reading Podcast: Genesis 3:16-24