Justice is the word we’re considering today in this series of how world view defines words.  Justice has to do with what is good, right, and fair. In Red Pyramid world “good” is what makes me the happiest most of the time. If I can’t be as happy as I want in Red Pyramid world, I might as well be dead.  This is why euthanasia, abortion, and mercy killing are genuinely considered good. In Red Pyramid world, might makes “right” because it would be unfair to expect a person to do less than they are capable of in their desperate competition for happiness. Red Pyramid world accepts survival of the fittest as factual and natural. Freud sees it as sexual and without responsibility because consequences besides happiness are seen as threats to happiness.


In Green V world, there is the Creator and His creation where all things work according to His design from His love. Justice has to do with what is fair and equitable, like doing unto others as you would have them do to you. God creates all things and bears responsibility for all things; His happiness comes from giving all that He is and has away, as we see in the life and death of Jesus. The Son of God gave Himself in place of everyone because that is just. He gives our lives back to us because that is love. God gave us a physical life in time and an eternal soul so that we could learn what justice really is (giving our lives to others) and so also know what happiness really is (from the eternal soul’s perspective).


For these reasons, “maturity” in Red Pyramid world means being able to do whatever you want whenever you want without anyone else being an obstacle or detraction. Maturity in Green V world means discovering true happiness as love for others presses you under more and more people and closer to God.

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