Worlds Apart?

What if the world we are living in has made it impossible for people to hear the truth, either through nature or the Bible? Over the past 150 years three powerful forces have altered the way people think. First, people today assume that evolution is a fact; the only “life” we have is accidental, material, and bound in a short period of time. Second, people are frantically trying to get as much happiness as they can as quickly as possible as much of the time as possible. This explains our world’s preoccupation with sexual identity and activity. Third, electronic media has replaced real life for many people. Sports, video games, entertainment, and social media have created virtual worlds that people are addicted to. Let’s call this “red pyramid world” because it is all about climbing over each other in fierce competition for happiness which inevitably results in death. The only true living God and His Word are hated and despised in this world view, which is reasonable if that is the world as it is. If there is a God, why doesn’t He grant us happiness all the time?


But what if there is another world?  I like to call this “green V world,” in which the essence of life is spiritual and the essence of our identity is the soul designed to live in union with God and one another; this is life infinite. Inside this reality there is a physical world of souls with physical bodies—a laboratory where we learn by experience about life and death, love and hatred, God and His creation. This world makes sense of everything all the time. Here we understand Jesus when He says, “… whoever hates his life in this world will save it…” and “… greater love has no one than this, to lay down one’s life …” and “… love your enemies.” This world understands why denying the passions of our rebellious human nature is the only way to lasting, authentic happiness according to God’s design and for the benefit of all.


In the weeks to come we will explore the significance of these models in relation to our experiences, to how words are defined, to biblical terms for salvation, and biblical concepts for life.

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