Male vs. female, part 1

How does world view affect how you define male and female?  This week we’ll consider male, and next week, we’ll take a look at female.  In Red Pyramid world, everything is either accidental (arbitrary) or artificially imposed by other people who came to power before us. “Male” is considered only on a material basis, but even male physiology is considered accidental, i.e., you can change that if you want. Gender terms and relationships are a social construct. “Male” means whatever anyone’s evolutionary, Freudian, virtual imagination can make of it in the pursuit of self-gratification. Feminism looks at men and history and concludes that “male” has usually meant tyranny and abuse: claiming privileges of power and authority as given by God, which are used to keep women in their place as servants to the men. Today, “male” tends to mean either a powerful competitor or a lazy, pathetic, burden.


Take a close look at the Green V world chart below.  In Green V world, “male” is fundamentally concerned with responsibility and providence for others and only by extension a matter of physiology. Babies mature into adults; maturation meaning the ability to care for others because you are cared for by others, most ultimately by God. When all of humanity comes to full maturation at God’s recreation, the physiology of gender will have served its purpose. All people, made in the image of God, are essentially a soul, having a body as a temporary means of experiencing and learning, animated by God’s Spirit. Responsibility for others is complimented by submission to Christ, who submits to God though He is Lord over all creation. Male means to bear others’ burdens, which press us more fully into relationship with and conformity to Christ, who provides for others through us.


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