An Alternative Way to Live

Last week, I wrote about how those who live in the Red Pyramid World think of faith.  Before we look at an alternate definition of faith, let’s step back and look more closely at life in the Green V World.


This world is generally the reverse and inversion of Red Pyramid World. Think of a stack of “V” shapes, each one supporting the others that are above; the two lowest “V’s” are God the Father and God the Son. Then, the order proceeds to men, women, and children. “Headship” and authority serve responsibility and care-taking. In this world, masculinity is primarily concerned with bearing responsibility for others. In this world all things exist by God’s design, all things work together for good, and nothing is wasted or useless. In this world the meta-physical or immaterial is essential, while the material is an extension, a laboratory in which to learn about everything without mistakes being deadly or catastrophic.

In this world happiness is also the goal, but it is a very different kind of happiness—deeper, broader, more substantive and enduring. Happiness, in this world, is something the soul experiences when sacrificing one’s body for the well-being of another.

This is a profound and powerful happiness for many reasons. First, this happiness comes from realizing what it means to be made in the image of God. What could ever make us happier than doing what we are good at (or the very best at)? Second, this happiness is free and open. We do it by inspiration rather than compulsion, from fullness rather than emptiness, from contentment rather than desperation, and from love rather than selfishness. There are always more people to love so the opportunities are endless and there is usually no line to wait in. Third, the corruption of our human nature makes our desires contrary to our living, regenerate soul. Therefore, spending our time and human nature in service to others—using it, fatiguing it, and wearing it out—allows our living, regenerate soul to have the upper hand, to prevail for life and goodness. Fourth, because we are increasing the life of our soul by giving the life of the body for other living, eternal souls, the love we give has everlasting value. The Green V World is the absolute algorithm; it answers every question, solves every puzzle, unlocks every door, and always only ever chooses for life.  Because of the nature of this world, God’s creation, that means for the benefit of everyone’s life in time and eternity, in body and soul!

Take some time to consider the ideas of this Green V World.  Send me any comments or questions you have about these two world views I’ve presented.  My next post will consider how those who live life according to the Green V World view define faith.


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