What are we doing here?

After so many weeks of considering the differences between two models of the world, how then shall we direct our thinking? If we see ourselves as souls regenerated in the image of Christ by the Word/Spirit of God living in Green V world, what are we doing in a body in Red Pyramid world?

Jesus said we are here to extend His love for others, neighbor and enemy. Paul describes us as ambassadors (2 Corinthians 5:20). An ambassador is a citizen of another nation (Green V world) who lives in an embassy (the body/family of Christ) in a foreign country (Red Pyramid world) for the care of fellow citizens who are passing through (or trapped) in that foreign country, which is everyone since Christ has redeemed all and means to reconcile all to Himself.

In the weeks to come I hope to explore the practical application of the truth and grace of God in view of our lives in this place.

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