A New Way to Consider Gender

Shifting worldviews from Red Pyramid to Green V includes dramatic changes in the meaning and significance of nearly all essential components of life. For example, consider terms related to gender. Rather than a preoccupation with physiology, sexual liberty, and social constructs, it is the identity of relationship between people and God.

image003Masculine terms like “father,” “son,” and “male,” have to do with bearing responsibility for others, providing for, and loving. God the Father loves and provides for all. God the Son, thus provided for, creates and sustains all things by the Word of His power.  And man, thus provided for by God, loves all others in general and loves wife and children in particular.

Feminine terms have to do with having another who is responsible for you and thus being free to participate in God’s on-going creative work. Notice that only God the Father and infants have a one-way relationship. God the Son, men, and women have both sides of the relationship—each being provided for and each being a provider. Therefore, terms of sex and gender no longer define a person, nor are they competitive. Rather, a person’s gender is one of many physical characteristics gifted to us by God through which we pursue a life of love and service to others.

A second dramatic change in relationships is evident when a Red Pyramid is turned right side up into a Green V. The pyramid approach to life means bearing down on people and holding them captive so they must support you. In Green V world, the people with power use it to support others. The “V” does promote a design for living (upward and outward) but it is open, providing for exploration and discovery of one’s God-given gifts and abilities.

A soul regenerated by the Word of God in the image of Christ is a green V: provided for in every way in abundance by God and, therefore, supportive of others. The Holy Spirit inspires this regenerate soul and gives it energy to love. Inspired orientation is characteristic of life in Green V world and is the essence of Christianity X.

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