A Different Way to Look at Things

A New Way to See

Forget everything you already knew or assumed about life.  This episode introduces a worldview radically different from that held by most of the world.  It is a three-dimensional view of life that I call “Green V world.”  Listen to learn about the three basic elements of this world view.  You can also see a visual representation of this and read more here on my blog.

For a long time on this blog, I’ve taken a look at the worldview that most people hold—a one-dimensional, material world.  I’ve made reference to an alternative point of view, and am excited to dive in now.  Green V world is God’s creation and the laboratory of human experience and learning.

Green V world, like its Creator, is one creation yet three-dimensional.  The purpose of God’s creative work is realized in human beings, made in God’s image. Thus each human is one person, but existing in three dimensions: body, soul, and spirit. The soul is the essence of our person and eternal. In order for us to learn everlasting lessons, God puts us in our body in time and in the material world. This makes it possible for us to learn critical and essential lessons without the consequences of our errors being catastrophic and eternal. Every human body is inhabited with a soul and each body and soul is animated by a spirit—either a spirit of opposition against God or the Spirit of God Himself.

Green V world, besides being three-dimensional rather than one, is the opposite and inversion of Red Pyramid world in every way. See the chart below, with a stack of green V’s.



At the base is God the Father, who bears all things. Next, in perfect conformity with and resting upon the providence of the Father is God the Son. God the Son, in turn, created Adam as the means by which God would care for the rest of His creation, to tend the garden and most importantly, to bear responsibility for and provide for the woman. From Adam’s rib, God created the woman—thus man and woman in relationship parallel the Son’s relationship to humanity and the Father’s relationship to the Son. Man and woman in the enduring union of marriage would be the means by which God would continue to create the rest of humanity in His image.

Witnesses to God’s providence—and our dependence on it—are everywhere and always, from pregnancy and infancy; to our need for those who have gone before us to teach us; to our need for the universe to provide air, water, food, and light; even to our “involuntary” muscles which support life while we learn and practice giving our lives in the service of others.

In the weeks to come, we can explore just how profoundly Green V world answers essential questions and resolves so many conflicts that make war between us and within us. We will also return to the subject of religion, particularly Christianity X.

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