Bumper Sticker Analysis

So, which is it? Am I the captain of my own destiny or is God my co-pilot or should I let go and let God?

Our thinking is a product of our world view. If each of us is a primarily physical being in time with a distant God or no god at all, it makes sense that your experience in this life is up to you. But many of us are not “large and in charge” kinds of people. Maybe I can direct the course of my life successfully with a little help from God.  Or maybe I’ll just give up, thinking that I am “letting God” when I am actually “going with the flow” in order to find a place in this world.

But if we are essentially an eternal soul regenerated in the image of Christ, then we can make sense of all three quips, but in the opposite order. First, in a Green V world, God supports, shapes, directs, and provides for our lives absolutely. Our circumstance is fundamentally one of peace and rest, knowing that God makes all things work together for good. Second, God is not co-pilot in the sense of following our lead, but what if God is co-pilot and we are learning to fly? God does give us amazing latitude in discovering our life and is ever present in His Word and Spirit to help us navigate. Third, every captain has an admiral or general. We are graced by God with responsibility for others just as God precedes and surrounds us with others who provide for us.

We live because God gives us life. Discovering the life God has given and provides is a very different project than trying to get one or make one or take one for ourselves. We rest in God and care for others because He cares for us.

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