Weddings with a “wow” factor

Nature cannot disconnect from its Creator; therefore, it retains its “wow” factor. Consider evening and morning of each day—the sun typically makes a spectacular light show besides all the good it does all day (and night by way of moonlight).

A wedding—the creation of a new union by God that will be a means of His creative work—has a “wow” factor as big as God Himself. But what if those getting married are disconnected from God?

Do you see weddings in our culture getting bigger and more elaborate?  If we are apart from God and the “wow” He brings to marriage, we’re left trying to build an experience that impresses us with the significance our conscience knows should be there. I suspect that fear of divorce or unhappiness after the wedding also makes pressure for which the wedding must compensate. Does a big experience for a few hours make up for a wonderful experience every day forever?

In God’s creation, in a Green V world, a wedding is the celebration of a man maturing into the place where he takes particular responsibility for a particular woman: that man’s green V moves into place between the parents of the bride and the bride herself. A wedding that is a recognition and celebration of God’s creative work through text, music, and meditation brings the fullness of God’s great green V as an unparalleled and everlasting wonder. God makes us and makes us one human family by marriage physically and spiritually, in time and for everlasting life. The world around us desperately needs to see and know this. God bless us as ambassadors of His creation and kingdom.

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