Podcast: Visualizing A Biblical Worldview

This semester I discovered that my diagram for contrasting a biblical worldview with the worldview that surrounds us was not working for people too deeply entrenched and bitter about things. One student in particular was bitterly antagonistic toward the Green V worldview because she saw it as nothing more than the Red Pyramid world turned around and in a different color, intended to deceive. Students also sometimes call the biblical worldview “green pyramid.” To make matters worse, students were assuming that terms like Father, Son, Male, and Female still promoted the same domineering and abusive relationships that we experience in this world.

So, I remade the image that reveals a biblical worldview with curves instead of angles and symbols for God and humans that are not recognizable to most people. That adjustment seemed to work yesterday when I used it in class to explain 1 Corinthians 11. Whew.

Listen in to the below podcast episode to hear more details about the new image.

Biblical Worldview

I’ve just updated the image I use to describe a Biblical worldview.  Listen in to hear the reasons behind the changes.  You can view the new image and read more details by visiting wordwithoutwalls.com.  

You can’t have a conversation with a drowning person, and it won’t do to offer to put them in a different place if they see that place as just more water they can’t swim in. We have to get people out of the water they are drowning in, give them time to come out of shock, and then we can share with them the greater, loving, and hopeful truth about God’s creation and redeeming work among us.

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  1. Thank you Dr. Eschelbach. I think the changes you have made are wise and helpful. I was recently reading Dr. Kolb’s book, “Speaking the Gospel Today.” His comments on freedom were also very helpful in fleshing out this Christian worldview. Keep up the good work

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