Holy Week

This is “Holy Week,” the days between Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and His resurrection on Easter. The substitutionary life of Jesus means that His arrest and condemnation should have been ours. So this week seems like a good time to ponder Jesus’ imperative to first take the log our of our own eye before attempting to take the speck out of our brother’s (Matthew 7:3-5).

Why do we see the speck in the eye of another? Why don’t we take the speck out of our own eye first? Our experience tends to be that the specks in the eyes of others are like a stone in our shoe; no matter how small, it is so irritating. What we are missing is this:

  • We are way too sensitive about the faults of others because of what is wrong with ourselves.
  • The beginning of the cure for what is wrong with us is precisely the recognition of what is wrong with us, frankly and factually, and then turning away from that wrong thinking, speaking, and/or doing.
  • And then we find the grace of God so abundant to forgive and to inspire our regenerate soul with godly, gracious care for others. Then we can see a speck in the eye of another for what it is and see clearly to remove it. 

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