God’s faithfulness–does it matter?

The faithfulness (reliability) of God—does it matter or not? 

No matter how faithfully and wonderfully God provides for us, at all times and in every way, we still worry. Worse than worry, we fret, we fear, we stress over what will or won’t happen next, as if God never provided anything for us. Shouldn’t it be the opposite? Given God’s everlasting faithfulness and how He provides, shouldn’t we be free of worry, fear, and stress?

Yes, but we aren’t because flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God. The corruption in our human nature makes us incapable of coming to rest in honesty about dependence on God, who does exceedingly abundantly beyond all we could think or ask.

But it does matter that God is ever faithful. He is ever faithful to regenerate and feed our soul. He is patient while we struggle in this tent. Imagine having your tent collapsed all around you and then trying to walk (or do anything)? Though we can’t see or hardly move about in this tent, still there is solid ground beneath our feet, there is a voice calling to us, there is bright light to guide us and the sword of God’s Word to cut away the tent and let us see, and hear, and breathe in God’s kingdom.

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