Podcast: Genesis 3:8-15

https://oembed.libsyn.com/embed?item_id=24413490 Hearing the sound of God walking caused fear rather than joy.  Then God asks the first of a multitude of best questions in the Bible: “Adam, where are you?” Adam’s reply to God is illustrative of Adam’s failure and corruption; when misery and death result from Adam pretending to be God, Adam blames God … Continue reading Podcast: Genesis 3:8-15

Podcast: Genesis 2:19-25

https://oembed.libsyn.com/embed?item_id=24368229 God creates animals, and Adam names them with divine substantivity.  There is no helper found to remain before Adam, which is proven absolutely by creating all other animals first. God causes Adam to sleep (thus human beings can be anesthetized) and makes a woman from his rib. There is no question of the common … Continue reading Podcast: Genesis 2:19-25

Podcast: Gen. 1:1-25

https://oembed.libsyn.com/embed?item_id=24294870 The days of creation follow a pattern that progresses and repeats, from raw materials to refined, detailed elements of nature, similar to the way our work often progresses from general to specific. The material world is God’s means of teaching us about the underlying reality of relationships.Day 1—Light and darkness. Jesus is the light … Continue reading Podcast: Gen. 1:1-25