Revelation Translation

If you are reading the One Year Bible this month, you may find the New Testament reading from Revelation difficult to follow. Consider using the translation posted here to see if the meaning of Revelation becomes more evident.

Living and Active

Remember the contrast between salt and yeast from last week? Salt is good (cleanses), yeast is bad (puffs up). Yet in Matthew 13 and Luke 13, Jesus explains that the kingdom of heaven is like yeast. How can this be? Many words and what they describe are neither good or bad in themselves; they become … Continue reading Living and Active

Yeast and Salt

Yeast and salt are contrary to each other, just like our flesh and spirit are contrary to each other (Galatians 5:17). Jesus warned about the yeast of the rulers, which is hypocrisy (Luke 12:1; Paul says the same in 1 Corinthians 5:6–8). Salt kills yeast; it deflates pride and exposes hypocrisy—two things that make us … Continue reading Yeast and Salt


Mark 6:56 records how a woman with a long history of internal bleeding came to Jesus, touched the edge of His garment, and was healed. Jesus’ garments are illustrative of His will to extend and confirm His healing work through physical means, in nature and through the sacraments. God has created many natural elements for … Continue reading Healing


In Matthew 27:43 the religious leaders taunted Jesus while He was dying, surely to convince themselves that they were right and He was wrong—an impostor. An adverb they used caught my attention: "... He has and remains persuaded by God; let Him rescue Him NOW if He wants Him ..." Hmmm. How often in the Bible did … Continue reading Waiting