Romans 1

I recently created and tried out the slide below while teaching Romans in my university classes. The first half of Romans 1 reminds us of the whole gospel, which has made us ambassadors of the kingdom of God. The second half of Romans 1 exposes the dishonesty and consequences of worshipping and serving creation rather than the Creator, idolatry (against God), and sexual immorality (against neighbor). An ambassador knows the contentions of those trapped in a one-dimensional Red Pyramid world – but knows them from the refuge of a regenerate soul and citizenship in the kingdom of God. Like Jesus, we are not in the world to condemn the world but to save it by offering help by way of reaching out in friendship, expressing understanding that establishes rapport, and then extending the kingdom of God – opening the doors of the embassy, if you will.

In the weeks to come I’ll be offering a series of posts about the greatest impediment to our ambassadorship, our insidious ego.

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