What God Is Like

In the Image of God

What is the nature of God?  How can we see the image of God reflected in how He made people, male and female?  In this episode, we consider relationships between men and women, and how it is intended to reflect the nature of God.  We also define what love is in this three-dimensional world view, which is completely the opposite of how we see it defined around us.  Throughout the episode, I refer to the Green V worldview.

When looking at life through the Green V worldview, how do we think about God?


God is at the bottom of a stack of Green Vs—He supports and provides for all.  God is not aloof, insulated, or indifferent. God knows and feels the suffering of all, and more profoundly than we do because He bears it all and because He is perfectly good—the absolute contrast intensifies the pain. All this God makes work together for good in a three-dimensional universe where we are both villain and victim and yet are not hopeless or lost because He has, from before creation, provided in every way for our lives.

God created and regenerates our souls, the essence of our person. God has already forgiven the corruption of our human nature and provided a remedy for it.  Nature provides an unequivocal witness to God’s providence to all people, every moment and in every place. The created universe itself provides for our life: the sun, the rain, the earth and its produce. Our physical body that depends on creation is, itself, a witness to God’s design and providence: our heartbeat and respiration, cell regeneration and healing, our digestive system, and our five senses. Many people of many times and places recognized the value of coming to rest in the truth that God (by whatever name or no name at all) provides for our life (Psalm 19; Romans 1).  If God so wonderfully and consistently provides for our physical life, which is temporary and an extension of our person, how much more has He and will He provide for our souls?

Finally, there is the spiritual aspect of our nature. A soul within a body is animated by things spiritual, whether evil or good. God’s Holy Spirit is conveyed to us in natural and special revelation, but uniquely in His Word, where He promises that His Spirit is living, active, and effective for us. This is a three-dimensional worldview. This worldview is the basis of biblical revelation and gives a future and hope that the one-dimensional (physical and time only) Red Pyramid world cannot even imagine.

You can hear more about God’s nature, and how that is reflected in the relationship between men and women by listening to my latest podcast episode.

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  1. Mike, thank you as always. Your interpretation/insights never cease to amaze me.

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