The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Looking for gift ideas this season?  What if Advent prepared us for the new year, every new day, and life infinite by getting and/or giving The One Year Bible to family, friends, and loved ones this Christmastide? What if we were all reading the same texts of the Bible daily and what if this practice spread throughout the population here and around the world? Can you imagine the difference it would make for more and more people to remain in the Word and thus know the truth and thus know freedom and life infinite?

In addition, if so inspired, you could give The Big Book of New Testament Questions and Answers as a companion gift, so when people ponder the New Testament readings they could consult The Big Book for answers or further thought prompts.

To put this into practice:

  • Links to both books are above.  Through January 31 of next year, you can use promo code BBNTQA at for $10 off The Big Book.
  • Is listening easier than reading for you?  Would some free options be helpful? The One Year Bible has a free online resource to listen to each day’s reading.  Find it here.  You can also hear portions of The Big Book via the free podcast, found here

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