A worthy new year’s resolution

Have you ever considered that becoming good at certain things we do takes lots of practice, especially practicing a focused mind? Jetfighter pilots, lifeguards, surgeons, fire-fighters (and many others) all practice a kind of focused attention that supports the skill required to succeed in their vocation.

What if our daily life in the Word inspired in us a determination to practice a new focus in our thinking and new habits of thoughts? What if God’s revelation to us turned down the noise of the world outside us (and inside our heads) and turned up His still small voice of grace and truth?

If we notice something in particular in our daily reading, let’s try to keep it in mind throughout the day, and day after day.  For example: “One’s life does not consist in the abundance of possessions” (Luke 12:15). First, we might begin to notice how true that is. Second, we might notice the things of which life does consist, and benefit accordingly.

The new year brings hope for new life. God bless us all with the continual renewing power of His Word and Spirit.

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