Is this the best of all possible worlds?

Is Genesis the condensed theology of the whole Bible? Does Genesis contain all the answers to all the most important questions, the solution to every puzzle? Let’s see over the course of the coming weeks.

Many of you are joining in on the Genesis study podcasts, which are being posted every weekday.  In conjunction with that study, I’ll be posing a weekly question, which the podcasts will then address. Consider the first question: Is this the best of all possible worlds? Many people assume (and some with deep bitterness) that God did not know what He was doing in creation or did/does not care about the tragedy that resulted. What if we start with the opposite premise—that the best of all possible worlds, a life that would result in everlasting paradise, depends on human experience that does not come cheaply? The questions to follow will unfold the potential of this first question. 

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