What is your religion?

Last week, I proposed a definition for the word “faith”. What other essential words have a very different meaning depending on our world view? In the weeks to come we will look at words that are integral to our understanding of the world around us in contrast to the world of God’s design.

Let’s start with RELIGION. “Religion” means “what governs.” Therefore, everyone is religious because everyone does certain things religiously. You can look at the lives of others (or your own life!) and identify their religion, often in contrast to what they claim. The desire for happiness is the universal religion of human beings. The world we live in makes all the difference.

In Red Pyramid world, happiness displaces virtue.  Happiness isn’t everything, it’s the only thing. Happiness as fast and often as possible, governing, rationalizing, and justifying every human effort to get happy.


In Green V world, happiness follows virtue, which means happiness is constant and durable. The best way to happiness is to seek the happiness of others—substantive, lasting happiness that comes from realizing God’s design and providence. As we lose our physical life for the sake of others, we discover our own living soul.


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