Let’s Consider Science

Continuing this series of world views and word definitions, let’s take a look at science.   “Science” is a Latin word for “knowledge.” The Red Pyramid world view claims to know things as facts, but these claims serve the pre-commitments of people who are desperate to acquire greater happiness.  (“Religion” in this world view is treated in the same way.)  For example, Charles Darwin was not an atheist. However, people wanting to be free of feeling guilty for the way they pursue happiness insist that evolution is a fact that proves the Bible is wrong and that there is, in fact, no God that we must answer to. Other people who want to keep some kind of god in their life are willing to concede that ideas about god and religion are a matter of personal preference and thus each person is free to invent a god who exists to support the individual’s pursuit of happiness, whatever that is.


Let’s take a look at the definition of science through the Green V world view.  Here, science and religion are completely devoted to the pursuit of just one thing—truth. There are still plenty of credentialed scientists and theologians/philosophers who work together in pursuit of evidence of truth and a reliable understanding of that evidence. This pursuit is fundamental and essential because the truth (reality as it really is) is what governs us. The science and religion of Green V world bring us together in a positive and collaborative effort to learn. For example, science finds the purpose that can be found in every element of nature and the Bible explains the nature of that purpose. The content of a healthy, happy material life is complimented by a divine understanding of God’s intent that our lives be devoted to love for one another, soul and body. What we learn in this way makes substantive and enduring joy, peace, and hope.


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