Christianity X–Let’s Begin

It is one thing to wonder if there is another world view besides the one we assume.  It is another to know there is and to know what kind of world it is. What if every means of knowing something agreed consistently in their witness to a three-dimensional universe, including Red Pyramid world and Green V world?

There are several ways of knowing things and several sources of knowledge. General revelation refers to all things natural. The physical universe was created by God precisely to be that universal, constant witness to everyone that atheists are always demanding (Psalm 19; Romans 1). Biblical texts, especially the parables of Jesus, make constant reference to the material world. Logic, reason, and experience are also included in natural revelation and referenced often in the Bible.

Special revelation refers to texts that claim to have come from God Himself. While there are a host of such texts from various world religions, the Bible is incomparable in many ways, including its historicity, age, composition, breadth, comprehensiveness, authenticity, and most of all in terms of the Gospel, which no other philosophical or religious system even imagines (see Lee Strobel’s The Case for Christ).

On the basis of all these means of seeking and knowing what is true, we are about to begin our exploration of Christianity X in a Green V world view. Besides exploring, we will also be testing a thesis that wonders if the Bible (in harmony with the witness of nature) is the absolute algorithm that solves every puzzle, answers every question, and unlocks every door? You can test this thesis by posing questions here.

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