Who can be lost?

Green V world allows for Christianity X. Both terms are intended to reverse the direction of questions and conversations, to see the opposite of what we are used to, and to turn things “right side up.” For example, Red Pyramid world, understandably, makes people preoccupied with themselves as physical beings in time. Green V world begins with God and works in our direction. So, for example, the New Testament says, “God was in Christ, reconciling the world to Himself” (2 Cor. 5:19).  This is universal and eternal from God’s perspective, though demonstrated in time on Good Friday when Jesus exclaimed, “It has been and remains finished.” This redemption of all humanity was in God’s mind from eternity just as His vision for creation.

How could God create a living universe without having anticipated and provided for all of its needs? Redemption is united with God’s design of a three-dimensional world. God anticipated that a living being made in the image of God but not God would, necessarily, have an ego problem and fail. Yet, the failure of Adam and all humanity that follows is not catastrophic because of the following: a) God has provided for the redemption of all humanity, body and soul;  b) God’s creation necessarily and constantly presses the truth against the inflated human ego, pressing us back from pretension to humility and honesty; c) the truth by way of nature’s witness and the Bible provides constant and consistent evidence of God’s existence and loving nature. Thus, instead of wondering “Who can be saved?” (in Red Pyramid world, it’s no one!), we instead wonder, “Who can be lost?” (because in Green V world, all things work for good).

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